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Arrested Development (2003)

Arrested Development


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Arrested Development (2003)

El hijo mayor, Michael Bluth, se hace cargo de los aunstos familiares luego de que su padre es llevado a prisión. Pero el resto de su mimada y disfuncional familia hacen de su trabajo inaguantable.

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Michael Cera, Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Portia de Rossi
Mitchell Hurwitz
02 de Nov 2003


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After his father fails to promote him within the family business, Michael accepts a job in Arizona -- until his dad is arrested for shady bookkeeping.

02 Nov, 2003

Top Banana

Michael suspects that George Sr. is running the business from inside prison. George Michael is made manager of the banana stand, and Michael gives GOB a letter to mail after Lucille suggests that he be included in the business.

09 Nov, 2003

Bringing Up Buster

A reluctant Michael takes Buster under his wing while attempting to get closer to an increasingly distant George-Michael.

16 Nov, 2003

Key Decisions

Determined to not be upstaged by his actress girlfriend, GOB decides to pull an elaborate escape at the Orange County Prison, where George Sr. is being held. Meanwhile, Michael falls for GOB's girlfriend Marta.

23 Nov, 2003

Charity Drive

To help the company's image, Lindsay returns to her roots - charity fund raisers. While Lindsay is the most charitable member of the family, Michael tries to prove he's a more charitable ...

30 Nov, 2003

Visiting Ours

Michael gets a tip about the company's international accounts, and has GOB question the office secretary Kitty about them. But that's not before Michael does the unthinkable - setting up a conjugal visit between George Sr. and Lucille.

07 Dec, 2003

In God We Trust

It's time for the annual Living Classics Pageant, and Barry makes a deal with Michael to get George Sr. out in time to take part in the pageant's signature exhibit - Michaelangelo's The ...

21 Dec, 2003

My Mother the Car

Michael cannot remember anything about the car accident he and Lucille were in. While he's trying to piece together the accident, GOB thinks Michael is planning to escape to South America ...

14 Dec, 2003

Storming the Castle

Determined to get back in the Magician's Alliance, GOB puts on one last big show, thanks to his brother Michael. Michael, hoping to steal Marta away from GOB, tries to pull a scam almost as...

04 Jan, 2004

Pier Pressure

When Buster asks George-Michael to buy him marijuana to treat Lucille Austero's vertigo, Michael stages a phony bust to teach George-Michael a lesson.

11 Jan, 2004

Public Relations

The family's new public relations director gives them each a task while Michael tries to get his son in the prestigious Milford Academy. Buster, a graduate, is to be neither seen nor heard....

25 Jan, 2004

Marta Complex

It's Valentine's Day and everyone but Michael has a reason to celebrate. Buster, tired of dealing with his mother, goes to live with the rest of the family in the model home. But soon Marta...

08 Feb, 2004

Beef Consomme

After Tobias moves into his room, George Michael gets a rather curious tip about his cousin's origins, so he decides to investigate. GOB, worried about his girlfriend Marta, heads down to ...

15 Feb, 2004

Shock and Aww

George Bluth Sr. gets a visit from a rabid female fan who may be in love with him. George Michael is interested in his teacher, and so is his father. Gob tries to get revenge on Michael for trying to steal his girlfriend.

07 Mar, 2004

Staff Infection

Michael is tired of the family getting free handouts from the Bluth Company without doing anything, so he puts them to work. He puts Lindsay to work at the company answering phones, while ...

14 Mar, 2004

Altar Egos

Micheal has a one-night stand with a woman named Maggie Lizer. He has a guilt-trip after learning she is blind, but not so much after he discovers that she's the prosecuting attorney ...

17 Mar, 2004

Justice Is Blind

Michael gets an evidence file about his family after sleeping with the Maggie Lizer, the prosecuting attorney. But he suspects that she's not exactly telling the truth, so he sends Tobias ...

21 Mar, 2004

Missing Kitty

Spring Break hits Orange County, and GOB plans to take his magic act to the popular video series "Girls With Low Self Esteem" by making the family yacht disappear. Michael becomes concerned...

28 Mar, 2004

Best Man for the Gob

The family accountant, Ira Gilligan, is planning to snitch, and George Sr. will do everything possible to stop him. He enlists GOB to throw a party, where he will try to make Ira flee the ...

04 Apr, 2004

Whistler's Mother

Some company funds have been unfrozen, and everyone in the family wants a cut of it. Michael makes a bad investment on his uncle Oscar's land, and takes the blame for it. Meanwhile George ...

11 Apr, 2004


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